Friday, June 14, 2013

Maxis Fibre Internet VS TM Unifi

I know some of you might been bored by the topic name, but it is a close fight!!

Maxis Home package were like this...

10Mbps - RM148
20 Mbps - RM198
30 Mbps - RM248

* With Unlimited Usage Quota

There makes me really excited. With Unlimited usage quota, we can download lots of things at one moment... With 10Mbps speed, i can enjoy speed like foreign countries...

If you were heavy user, then 30Mbps is suitable for you. Remember the time we have 1515? That's sucks!
Now is 100x times faster.

They also offered one services free, that is free voice call to all Maxis homeline. But the point is , how much of us have Maxis Homeline? A little bit pointless.

It also implements a 24 months contract. Does it seems long for you? Ok for me.

Now lets go and check out Unifi's plans.

VIP 5 -5Mbps RM149
VIP 10 - 10Mbps RM199
VIP 20 - 20Mbps RM249

Can you see the difference? Yes, With one ringgit difference, TM less at least 4Mbps download speed to Maxis!

But there is a few advantages by Unifi...
1. Nationwide free calls to TM line.--> Although the same, but i quite sure that TM line is normally found in a normal houses...
2. Better Coverage. Maxis Home Fibre is less covered in Malaysia compared to Unifi...

So what would you choose???


  1. Definitely MAXIS. I don't care bout free call to fixed lines bcoz i always call mobiles.

  2. for what you said to be 2nd advantages of UNIFI, whenever got UNIFI, there is Maxis as well, they are totally same infra (backbone) just the different Provider incharge of your service only...